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    General Accounts

    Making the chart of accounts with an unlimited number of levels and daily entries and extracting statements of accounts of the ledger, trial balance and financial statements, and making final accounts (balance sheet - income statement)

    Inventory & Stores

    Warehouses and inventory accounts are defined, and all inventory movements such as addition bills, exchange bills, transfer bills between stores, barcode printing, inventory, and follow-up items that have reached the demand limit are defined.

    Safes & Banks

    Defining more than one treasury, proving the operations of receipt and disbursement from the treasury, making accounting entries automatically for these operations, extracting detailed and total statements of the fund's accounts, and defining bank accounts 

     Customers & Sales 

    Creating a database of customers and dividing them in more than one way, such as the method of payment or geographical areas, defining the sales representative, determining the goal, following up on orders and quotations, and integrating with the customer accounts and production module 

    Customer Accounts and Receivables - AR   

     Follow up on customer accounts, extract their account statements, enter receipts, whether cash or check and a lot of detailed and total reports to follow up on customer accounts.

    Suppliers & Procurement 

    Creating a database of suppliers, following up on purchase orders, supplier quotations, supply orders, entering payments, whether cash or check, extracting total and detailed reports, and integrating with the units or departments of the program 

    AP Vendor Accounts & Payments 

     Follow up on suppliers' accounts, extract their account statements, and enter payments, whether cash or check, and there are many reports to follow up on detailed and total accounts of suppliers.

    Fixed Assets 

     Defining fixed assets, determining depreciation premiums, entering addition and exclusion operations, making depreciation restrictions between depreciation expenses, depreciation provisions, and reports such as fixed assets register, statements of accounts and depreciation pools

    Receipt and payment notes

     There is a strong processing of payment papers and payment papers, where they are registered so that the program makes the accounting entry automatically and makes all accounting movements on these papers, and the program allows partial payment of payment papers and partial collection of receivable papers.


    Definition of machines, production stages, workers, production equation (Bill of material), making operating orders, disbursing raw materials on operating orders, proving exchange operations, proving their returns, receiving and evaluating the product according to the raw materials used in its production, then closing the operating order 


    Integration with the electronic invoice system according to the requirements of the Tax Authority and is the easiest program to deal with the electronic invoice enables you to code items (according to the international classification) - electronic signature - send invoices with one click of a button. 

    Human Resource 

    Creating a database for employees, defining the various jobs, attaching documents for employees and previous experiences, addressing attendance, departure, absence, vacations, salaries, overtime pay, processing multiple shifts, and integration with the attendance and departure machine.

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